About the Writer

Me as Elle Driver, aka California Mountain Snake, from one of my favorite films, Tarantino's Kill Bill

Hi there, my name is Stephanie. I’m what you’d call a hardcore movie buff. Does this make me an expert? Not at all. However, I’m confident my knowledge about film is substantial. Alas, I am not a professional critic and do not get paid for my opinions (sadly). I’m hoping my research and quirky sense of humor is an acceptable substitution. There is also the question of preference. My favorite movie might be on somebody’s “worst movies” list (doubtful). This happens. I can’t expect everyone’s tastes to be in sync with mine, which is why my reviews will be as objective as possible.

Does my taste preference really matter? Not really, especially since I’m trying to appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers, which means a broad spectrum of tastes. However, in this specific case, I believe my taste preferences truly display my character and personality. So, for the sake of character, I’ve made several lists of my Top 10 films, tv series (including a special Top 10 anime), actors and actresses from films/series, and directors. I might add more lists as I go, so be on the lookout for any changes. You can find these lists here, or simply click on my “Top 10” tab.

Thank you all for reading and giving me feedback!!
Discussion is something we must all learn to love.


2 Responses to “About the Writer”
  1. Lily says:

    It’s refreshing to see a girl who knows all about films and such. I’d have to say one of my favorite movies is Harold and Maude. Do you like that one? Groovy soundtrack and a sweet story. Pretty perfect in my book.

    Glad I found you! Thanks for following my blog 🙂

    • heiwanalady says:

      I have not seen that one! It will go on my list, for sure. I just started this blog, and it’s difficult refraining from reviewing all of my favorite movies, haha, but I’m trying to review semi-recent films/series, if possible. Thanks for replying!
      Glad I found your blog, as well. 🙂

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