Last Night’s Episode of The Walking Dead

There’s one more episode left, folks.
And it’s getting intense.


Without giving away too many spoilers, I will say that last night’s episode was emotional.
Who would’ve thought Merle would finally decide to be decent for once? All I can say is Merle’s actions have definitely started something significant in the series. Can the group defeat the Governor? (Personally, I think the Governor has had a sadistic reign for too long!) Even though he provides a necessary antagonist role for the series, if he died (IF), who would inherit his role? What would happen to the dynamic of the groups? Would they merge? I think we might see too many deaths for the groups to merge, to be honest, but it’s an interesting thought.

If anything is fixed or unchanging, it’s that Michonne is a badass, Glen is the sweetest guy ever, and Rick is becoming less and less of a leader. The one thing that was genuinely heartfelt in last night’s episode was that Rick realizes that any act of “good-doing” is less valuable than any of the lives of his people. I think that was a very important realization for him, and everyone. And, of course, Glen’s sincere desires to marry Maggie even in the middle of a hellish environment.

Next week’s episode can only bring pain and death, and I’m exited! It’s about damn time the Governor and Rick have a showdown, although I’m willing to bet either Andrea or Michonne kills him. Michonne will be entirely enraged once she finds Andrea in the torture room… It’s time for vengeance!

Who will be watching with me?

Watch this video – Inside Episode 315!


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