Anime Review: Psycho-Pass, Passes the Mark

Psycho-Pass (2012-13) [streaming on Hulu now], scripted and conceptualized by Gen Urobuchi, teeters between being totally psychotic and totally brilliant. Essentially, Psycho-Pass is a crime-scene anime set in the future where surveillance is prevalent and the ability to determine someone’s mental state is routine. This mental state, or “crime coefficient,” everyone possesses and desperately monitors. If your crime … Continue reading

Last Night’s Episode of The Walking Dead

There’s one more episode left, folks. And it’s getting intense. Without giving away too many spoilers, I will say that last night’s episode was emotional. Who would’ve thought Merle would finally decide to be decent for once? All I can say is Merle’s actions have definitely started something significant in the series. Can the group defeat the … Continue reading