The Walking Dead – Midseason Premiere


For Walking Dead fans, the time has finally arrived. I apologize now if this post seems biased, since I am a huge fan of the show.
Yesterday’s premiere of The Walking Dead transitions the famed series into a new chapter of survival and zombie killin’. New characters seem to be gaining some limelight and some older characters seem to be losing their sanity. The overall character development is phenomenal no matter how you see it… Glen is toughening up, Carl is maturing, Andrea is uncomprehending, Rick is tiring. All of these characters have shown their progression in many significant ways. In season 3, one of the most memorable scenes was Merle beating Glen to a bloody pulp, and the Governor almost raping Maggie. This ugly, ruthless world is slowly transforming our genial characters, whether we like it or not.

The plot keeps thickening as the two opposing forces rub against each other like sand paper. Sooner or later (I’m hoping sooner!) the plot will clot and coagulate, leaving some viewers disheartened.


In season 3, we were introduced to “The Governor,” whom at first seemed like a suitable representative of authority for the small town-haven he’s controlling. As season 3 progressed, the sadistic nature of the Governor became more apparent, along with impending ruin. In the newest episode, we see allies forced against each other under unavoidable pressure and are left with the results; most notably, the opening scene with the Dixon brothers left to duel each other to the death.

It’s really refreshing to see the decency in people shine a little, not just in Merle and Daryl’s cases, but in some of the newer characters, too. Yet, considering The Walking Dead’s history, every time I feel the least bit content with the show’s moral meter, they throw a humungous, inhumane, twisting curve ball my way. I’m excited for the next episode.


What can happen next that rivals the past season’s buzz? The end of the premiere foreshadowed a few things. A new leader, perhaps? A shift in power? More division? The possibilities are endless, and are also quite intriguing.
There are multiple conflicts occurring simultaneously, some more subtle than others. Each character has their own level of friction within the plot, which only enhances the reality and versatility of the story. As the dynamic of each group is challenged over and over again, there will either be more division or more condense relationships forged. The writers up at AMC are really provoking their viewers with what we can handle (as well as trying to follow the incredible graphic novel). Will they cross a line? When will your favorite character be bitten? It’s a risk, I’ll admit, but a successful one. It keeps us guessing… Keeps us wanting more.


Sometimes it’s hard to be concise about a review when you’re plagued every five minutes with commercials. (Oh, the woes of being a critic!) I also feel it’s unreasonable to judge the series entirely based on one episode. So, to avoid being unjust, I will rate the progression, or direction, in which The Walking Dead is undertaking.

As of right now, I believe The Walking Dead is taking a necessary path. Rick is slowly losing his perception of morality, as well as hope. A leader needs hope. The main group has divided some, but is also adding some. There will be new dynamics across the entire cast, which will be something to look forward to. Hopefully, Andrea will recognize her own blindess and bring something new and fierce to Woodbury. I’m also hoping the Dixons turn out to be a duo of decency, aiding to the main group when needed. That being said, I will not be surprised if The Walking Dead heads in the complete opposite direction, which is why I enjoy it so much.

I give The Walking Dead 4.5 out of 5 stars!


Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes video of the newest episode! Also another video with some cool extras and details about the artificial blood they make/use!

What did you think about the midseason premiere?

3 Responses to “The Walking Dead – Midseason Premiere”
  1. Violet says:

    I thought that last nights premier was fantastic. I hope that the writers build up Michonne’s character. I love her.

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