• Welcome to Talking About Talkies. What are "Talkies," you ask? .... "The Talkies" is an older term referring to films with sound. Do you remember silent films? The Talkies ushered in a new era for film production, and soon became an industry that many of us admire, and few of us worship. Hopefully you and I are cut from the same cloth; we worship film.
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Anime Review: Psycho-Pass, Passes the Mark

Psycho-Pass (2012-13) [streaming on Hulu now], scripted and conceptualized by Gen Urobuchi, teeters between being totally psychotic and totally brilliant. Essentially, Psycho-Pass is a crime-scene anime set in the future where surveillance is prevalent and the ability to determine someone’s mental state is routine. This mental state, or “crime coefficient,” everyone possesses and desperately monitors. If your crime … Continue reading

Last Night’s Episode of The Walking Dead

There’s one more episode left, folks. And it’s getting intense. Without giving away too many spoilers, I will say that last night’s episode was emotional. Who would’ve thought Merle would finally decide to be decent for once? All I can say is Merle’s actions have definitely started something significant in the series. Can the group defeat the … Continue reading

Netflix Pick! House of Cards – Original Series

Netflix’s original series House of Cards (based off BBC’s House of Cards 1990) aired Feb. 1st (apologies for the belated review) and certainly makes a multifaceted statement. This series is complex, dark, thick-plotted, and in most cases unpredictable. It requires the viewer’s undivided attention and will redefine your idea of manipulation. Politics can sometimes mean dull, tedious arguing, especially … Continue reading

Redbox Review ~ The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Since it’s Valentines Day and all, I wanted to review a film that properly celebrated the holiday. I was afraid I liked this movie so much because I was in a sensitive mood. After watching Perks of Being a Wallflower a second time, I know now that my initial feelings were genuine. This film not only … Continue reading

The Walking Dead – Midseason Premiere

For Walking Dead fans, the time has finally arrived. I apologize now if this post seems biased, since I am a huge fan of the show. Yesterday’s premiere of The Walking Dead transitions the famed series into a new chapter of survival and zombie killin’. New characters seem to be gaining some limelight and some older characters seem to … Continue reading

My Netflix Picks of the Week!

As we all know, it is quite frustrating to pay $9 (minimum) a month for Netflix, only to find crap, crap, and more crap to watch. This is when you have a similar moment to Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith, screaming, “Noooooo!” Don’t worry, I am going to be your Netflix spirit guide. Every … Continue reading

Review of Zero Dark Thirty and Bigelow’s Dispute

Kathryn Bigelow’s newest film hovers the line between suspense-drama and documentary. Bigelow claims Zero Dark Thirty to be “based on first-hand accounts and actual events,” but is receiving speculation about the accuracy. One thing is for sure, after seeing this film on the big screen, I was left with silent contemplation. I really didn’t know what … Continue reading

HBO’s Girls. It’s raw, awkward, real… And it works.

Lena Dunham is the powerhouse behind the new series, Girls, and for good reason. She’s the writer, creator, producer, and star actress in Girls, and presents a very real perspective into the lives of 20-somethings living in New York. Being a 20-something myself, I’ve related with Dunham’s quirky writing in more ways than one. Watching … Continue reading

Tarantino’s Django Unveiled

Quentin Tarantino has to be one of my favorite directors of all time. He’s bold, detailed, gritty, and a fantastic storyteller. Not to mention everything he touches has unforgettable flare. His most recent film, Django Unchained, a spaghetti-western, revenge story combined with exaggerated pre-Civil War history, fits into his portfolio swimmingly. Django currently ranks second … Continue reading